Re: question re nvaccess site and training materials


your welcome, its my pleasure.
i opened shop with my favorite version of firefox (version 51) and the
links work for me.
i have the name of material and aftter each item, i have add to cart link.

On 12/6/17, Mary Otten <> wrote:
Thanks, Shara. I can access the shop; I was jusst curious what might be
happening with firefox to make finding that link not possible. Quite
probably operator error, but I was curious. I have not yet upgraded to
the most recent release of NVDA.


On 12/6/2017 7:53 AM, zahra wrote:
hi mary.
just copy this link and peist in the address bar, i think it should
work for you.
hope that help, God bless you!

On 12/6/17, Mary Otten <> wrote:
I suppose this is mostly directed at Quenton. My experience with the
access site is that I absolutely can't get to the "shop" link using
firefox esr version, but with IE11, it is easy. Why might that be? I
mean, I can't even find it with the find command when using ff.

also, with regard to theĀ  ebooks for Word and the basic training
materials, what format are those in? I didn't see that mentioned on the
training materials page.



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