IMPORTANT COMMUNITY DIRECTIVE: to use NVDA 2017.4, Windows 7 SP1 or later is absolutely required


Dear NVDA community,


It was brought to developers’ attention that some people were having issues upgrading to NVDA 2017.4, and turns out some were using Windows 7 RTM build. Thus the following community directive:


In order to use NVDA 2017.4 or later, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later is ABSOLUTELY required.


To find out which Windows release you’ve got:


  1. Press Windows key to open Start menu.
  2. Type “winver” without quotes and press Enter.
  3. Check the build shown on About Windows dialog.


If the build number is 7601 or higher, you’re all set. If it is lower than that:


  • If using Windows 7 RTM (build number is 7600), please use NVDA 2017.3, upgrade to Windows 7 SP1 first, then update to NVDA 2017.4.
  • If using versions other than 7 (build number is less than 7600), then NVDA 2017.3 is the last supported version for you.


In the next few weeks, some add-on authors will announce minimum supported versions of NVDA and Windows. For example, if you are using StationPlaylist Studio add-on, starting from version 17.12 stable, Windows 7 SP1 or higher is absolutely required.


Thank you.



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