Browsing hierarchical tree of comments

Tony Malykh

Hi everyone,

Many websites have tree-like structure of comments. For
example, reddit, hacker news, and probably a lot more websites are
like this. Sometimes I would like to read some comments, but for
example I would like to read only the top-level comments, and not the
deeper levels, because that would be the replies to the top-level
comments, and they are typically not as interesting. Is there any way
to achieve this with NVDA?

So, for example, I would like to have a key combination to jump to the
next same level comment. Right now I can only jump to the next comment
of any level by searching a keyword ("up vote" or something, that
appears next to every comment), and then I'd have to deduce in my mind
what level comment is this. It is very tedious to browse comments this way.

Another way that might help me would be to figure out the level of the
current comment. At least I'd be able to move down through the
comments without reading them and without trying to deduce its level
from the contents.

I can use Firefox, Google Chrome and IE, so I'd be happy to find a solution that works in any of these browsers.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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