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Mary Otten

Ok, thanks for that, Gene. I saw that but wasn't sure if it was something other than what I know as preview pane. and thanks to Ron for the link.


On 12/6/2017 11:03 AM, Gene wrote:

I wish I could take credit for things I don't do but it was Ron who provided a direct link.  I provided a Drop Box link and there may be no difference in the version, but I haven't checked.
The view pane, called the reading pane in Thunderbird, is in a submenu in the view menu.  Open the layout submenu and you will find an item called reading pane. 
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From: Mary Otten
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Subject: [nvda] preview pane in t-bird

Hi all,

Having installed the mozilla add-on, thanks to Gene's direct link, I
have been trying to find a setting for the preview pane in T-bird and
I'm coming up empty. I've been going through the menus systematically,
but I know they can change depending on where you are in the program
when you start this process. I've been in the message list and am not
seeing anything about envoking a preview pane; I thought I'd see it in
the view menu.


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