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Which version of Office are you using?  Certainly in recent versions, NVDA should work fine in presentation mode.  One big trick to look out for however, is when creating a slideshow, you can set bullet point "animations" where each bullet point (or other object on a slide) only appears as you press enter / right arrow etc.  This works visually, but NVDA reads the whole slide as soon as it loads.  The best workaround at this stage is ideally to not use animations for now (slide transitions are a separate thing - they control how each slide appears or replaces the last, and they are fine) or to use them consistently, press control as soon as each slide loads, and then as you press enter to load each bullet, press down arrow to have NVDA read you the line.

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Thanks for this. I was in touch with the Microsoft Accessibility Team. They sent suggestions along using Narrator. However, even in the overview of that process, it was stated that Narrator would not work in presentation mode.

I will give this a try,

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if you change into the presentation Mode with F5, NVDA reads the whole slide. You then have to press Return to turn to the next slide.


2017-12-06 1:34 GMT+01:00, Pranav Lal <pranav.lal@...>:
> Rick,
> I am able to read presentations including alternative text tags in
> Powerpoint with NVDA without problems. No third party program needed.
> Pranav

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