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Why does it skip?  That sounds like an NVDA problem to be corrected.

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Hi Mary,

How are you moving around the site?

If you press down arrow from the top of the page, it will move to the "home" link, and from there directly to the "donate" button (skipping the rest of the navigation bar, which contains the shop link).  If you press TAB, K, or use the elements list dialog, the "shop" link should be after, Home, About, Download, Get Help, Services and Support Us.

That behaviour (for me) is consistent across Firefox (ESR), Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge.

For your other question, this eBook version of the training module includes the following formats:
.epub: An electronic book format readable in many standalone book readers as well as book reading apps on smartphones and computers.
.html: A web page readable in any web browser
.docx: A Microsoft Word file
.kfx: Used in Amazon Kindle readers and the Kindle app for PC (version 1.19 or later required)

(That information is on the individual page for each module, the main shop page just has a shorter blurb for each item).

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On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 2:34 AM, Mary Otten <maryotten@...> wrote:
I suppose this is mostly directed at Quenton. My experience with the access site is that I absolutely can't get to the "shop" link using firefox esr version, but with IE11, it is easy. Why might that be? I mean, I can't even find it with the find command when using ff.

also, with regard to the  ebooks for Word and the basic training materials, what format are those in? I didn't see that mentioned on the training materials page.



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