Re: Be careful to Mandarin Espeak


Well espeak ng this version has a lot more issues with things even in english.

I noticed people having issues with espeak on skype, tyler who is one of the addon devs simply said to report it to espeakng, which is actually just dumb since all espeak ng is is a github page, I don't think they have email I havn't looked, point is do they care exactly.

Its nvaccess that uses espeak ng, and as I said, even though there were good reasons to upgrade synths, unless it breaks we shouldn't fix it.

Espeak 2015 worked, and in some cases better than ng ever did.

Now ng is a lot better I guess once I got used to the word adjustments but really not everyone is going to be a total git, not everyone is going to be that much of a git to report that espeakng is a git and needs fixing.

I still think even if its not default, old espeak whatever version should be included as an extra synth at least an addon or as part of nvda install even if espeak is not developed anymore, even if it will remain as it is for all time, for those that don't like the new datasets, it would fix a lot of user bitchings.

Thing is, the espeak devs were on here.

I don't know if the ng ones are, but I suspect not since none of them have posted here and said as much.

On 7/12/2017 10:07 a.m., Marco Oros wrote:
My worries were confirmed about NVDA's New Espeak NG things. Mandarin is broken down in Espeak. I don't know, where to report It.

Thank You.

Marco Oros


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