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Rosemarie Chavarria

What about trying open office.

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I just reset my son's windows10 laptop last night because he downloaded something he should not have and it messed it up. so i did a full reset telling it to rip everything apps files photos videos documents you name it rip it all out and start over with a fresh windows10. and so it did.
so i decided to make google chrome his default web browser and i installed NVDA onto the fresh windows10 as well. my question is when he gets into school next year I would rather not be bad and pirate microsoft office because 1. its very big and 2. libreoffice is very little and can also handle the microsoft documents. i also figure ok I'm making him go google so might as well go the whole way. so my question is this, 1. is google drive client application accessible with NVDA? if not will i need java and the java access bridge to access libreoffice?
and 3. will libreoffice let NVDA read charts and graphs in spreadsheets like it does in ms-excel and if not could this be added into NVDA so libreoffice with NVDA will behave much like microsoft office? or for accessibility sake should i just buy ms-office for my own win10 machine just for viewing and editing word files and spreadsheets accessibly but for my son just let him use libreoffice and google docs inside his chrome web browser since i found docs is not accessible with NVDA under chrome?

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