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wow so I have notice this, please how the hell can I fix it?

On 12/6/17, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:
Well, to those who need the answer, that you got the information out there
is as important a part of the process as Tyler in tracking it down. A team
effort :)

On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 12:57 PM, Damien Sykes <damien@...>

Actually, Tyler did all the tracking down, I simply put it out here for
people to understand what was going on. I still don’t quite understand
magnitude of the issue myself. I noticed the issue, Tyler told me what it
was and how to change it, I changed it and verified that it worked, I
“published”, if you will, the results.

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Well tracked down :)


On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 11:30 AM, Damien Sykes
Hi guys,
For anyone like me who has noticed the text lag and wonders why. The
following came from Tyler Spivey, who helped me resolve this strange
It actually appears that NVDA has always had some reason or other to
to wait a predetermined amount of time for the cursor to move in order
read whatever new information is under the cursor, or to inform of
highlighted text, or if no change has occurred, to state the fact that
are at the beginning or end of the field. Until 2017.3, this was 30
milliseconds, a time so short that you would hardly notice it.

An entry in the change log for 2017.3 reads:
• In editable text, when moving the caret (e.g. with the cursor keys or
backspace), NVDA's spoken feedback is now more accurate in many cases,
particularly in Chrome and terminal applications.

In fact, one of the ways this seems to have been resolved was to
the cursor wait time from 30 to 100 milliseconds, which may not seem
but is in fact a 230% increase. This means that people who are well
in to how NVDA read data previously, and perhaps more importantly rely
speed, will notice this change.
This is all apparently covered on GitHub, which, as far as I’m concerned
isn’t really a user-friendly platform (that’s to say it’s meant for
developers, and expert ones at that, which means you’re going to see a
of technical jargon). Some may argue that this issue is a very fine line
between a development technicality and usability, and since I seem to
been the only one who cared or even noticed this, I’m inclined to agree.
But at least it’s out there now.
So, to summarise:
1. This is actually intended behaviour.
2. You can change it, but you have to know how and where it’s stored.
It’s not in the configuration dialogs. Some may not even find it worth
effort – I only did because it ground straight through my sensitive
and pounded through my skull.
3. If you change it, be aware that you may not get the improved accuracy
stated in the change log entry quoted above.

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Quentin Christensen
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Official NVDA Training modules and expert certification now available:
Twitter: @NVAccess
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