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Well, I'd first find out if the computer has sound. Most do but it could be muted or disabled so you would need to make sure the sighties around allow this either by simply making it work or letting you work on headphones. Its not rocket science. I'd be more wary of the system admin rights you will have and whether they are prepared to install it on the computer if its part of a network. That really does need to happen as portable copies, particularly on Windows 10, are nowhere near as versatile as an installed copy. Also if you are going online, in my view make sure that if they are using Firefox, that its not a version later than 56. Brian
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Dear NVDA Users Group,

I am one of the many blind people who are unemployed.

There is a place I might be working for on a temporary basis as the
agency here in Connecticut wants to do a work assessment on me since I
have been out of work for a long time.

I have been an Internet user for over 14 years. I have used and enjoyed
NVDA since 2014 when I first became aware of it.

In addition to being able to download the latest version of NVDA, do I
need a sound card as it will be on a computer that has never been used
by a blind person or can I just download it from the website and go from

Lawrence Stoler


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