Re: Versioned Voice Dictionaries

Sharni-Lee Ward

I know! Isn't it simply horrid?   

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Exactly and the word for can sound like fur sometimes as well. Grrr.

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Okay, opened my portable copy of 2017.3 and copied the replacements from
there. Things are mostly back on track, although the Japanese word the
ProTalker synth pronounces wrong in the hiragana couldn't be copy/pasted
into Jarte. It just came up as a line of question marks. But that's not
vitally important to me right now so I'll let that slide for the time being.

On a sort-of related note, though, Why was the pronunciation of the
phrase "for the" and the word "percent" changed in espeakNG? They sound
weird now...
On 7/12/2017 9:45 AM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:
So I just updated to the latest NVDA, and I now have some issues thanks
to the changes with the voice dictionaries. I understand why since
languages in espeak have changed names, but I lost several voice
specific entries and don't remember what I did for them. I tried to fix
one instance and although the pronunciation sounded right in the
dictionary file, it didn't when I read the name in question somewhere
else, although it was apparent some change had been made. This behaviour
has never happened before, and the pronunciation of the replacement has
been consistent in all places. I'm concerned that I might never get this
name pronounced the way I want it again, and I've only tested this with
one entry!

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