Re: Can NVDA 2017.4 run on Windows IOT?

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Still think its a dead end myself, at least in third world countries. I hate to have to rely on other systems working for what I do locally.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Can NVDA 2017.4 run on Windows IOT?

Hi Joseph,
I see what you are getting at. I was confused by the reference to arm processors in the release notes and the different versions of windows. I have read more and see that nvda is being future ready to handle newer devices like always connected pcs that will use arm processors.

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Let's try this method: can a car run without an engine? I want folks to find
out the answer on their own this time please.

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Subject: [nvda] Can NVDA 2017.4 run on Windows IOT?

Hi all,

Given that NVDA now supports arm 64 windows, can it run on Windows IOT
running on a raspberry pi 3?


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