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No I have been banging on about this for over several months now but nobody seemed to listen. I in the end installed speech player in espeak and adjusted the voice back to quincy and its back to normal but of course all my dictionaries needed to be imported back to the new syynth.
Still it suits me, so really, perhaps both should be created as add ons and only one packaged at start up, enabling people to swap about.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA 2017.4 and the version of espeak-ng packaged with it

I updated NVDA this morning and have been periodically jarred out of my
reading by things being pronounced differently, and in my opinion,
unnecessarily so. For example, the phrases "for the" and "for a" are
pronounced with unnecessary emphasis on the first word in them, the "i"
in possible is annunciated more clearly than I feel it should be, the
word "fantasy" has more emphasis on the first syllable than it needs and
sounds slower as a result, words like "latest" sound like they end with
"ist" instead of "est" (I don't understand this one at all, as they were
pronounced just fine before), and words that end with n or an n sound
followed by a word beginning with a hard c or g sound as if they're
being smushed together ("in games" comes out sounding like "ing games").
Also, words like "they're" and "our" are more drawn out than they should
be. It's honestly distracting and I don't think I'll ever get used to
most of them to be perfectly frank.

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