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Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

Thanks so much Question for your assistance.

Just the type of informative response I was hoping to get from this list.

Well it looks like between my new Echo 2nd edition and learning about NVDA, 2018 will be quite a year for me.

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Hi Kenny,

Firstly, while it partly depends on which parts of Jaws and which parts of NVDA you rely on most, yes, NVDA's keystrokes are broadly similar to those used by Jaws.  By default the NVDA key is Insert, and on a laptop you may prefer to set it to caps lock.  In desktop layout, to read the current line is NVDA+up arrow (NVDA+L on laptop) and to read from the current point onwards is NVDA+down arrow (laptop layout is NVDA+A), and many other commands such as NVDA+T and so on work the same.

A community project was to write a transition guide for those like yourself moving from Jaws to NVDA, so that would be worth reading:Â

To the second part of your question, the version of Eloquence you got with Jaws is licensed to Jaws only, so you won't be able to use it.  The good news is that you can purchase eloquence for NVDA.  There are two versions, a SAPI version, which will work with any program that can use SAPI voices, and a version specifically tailored for NVDA.  Different people have different opinions on which is better (and indeed, there is a discussion on this list currently on that very topic), but what I would suggest, is try the demo version of each and see which you prefer.  Links available from:

Kind regards


On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 1:41 PM, Kenny <kwashingtonbox@... > wrote:

I'm a current user of the latest build of JAWS 2018. Using Eloquence as my software synth.

Well the time has come that I can no longer afford to pay the Freedom Scientific SMA JAWS upgrades (Been using JAWS for over 20 years), so I'm turning to NVDA.

My first two questions:

Does NVDA use a keyboard navigation system similar to JAWS? If not, is there a way I can configure it to work this way?

Also can I configure NVDA to use the Eloquence module currently installed on my PC (Thanks to JAWS?) If not, is there a NVDA software synth available that's just as good to use?

Thanks for any help.

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