Re: JAWS User Looking for Guidance in Getting Started with NVDA.

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

The NVDA documentation (user guide) is very concise and clear and I think it
will answer all of your questions. When I first ran nVDA, the default eSpeak
voice put me off so much that I almost didn't want to go back there.
However, you can pick a synth, and as already mentioned, there are Eloquence
add-ons, though I guess you won't find them exactly the same as your JAWS
experience. The other software synth that's licensed to jAWS, Vocalizer
Expressive, is also available. You have to pay for both of these, but it's
certainly less than the cost of a JAWS SMA. :)

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I'm a current user of the latest build of JAWS 2018. Using Eloquence as my
software synth.

Well the time has come that I can no longer afford to pay the Freedom
Scientific SMA JAWS upgrades (Been using JAWS for over 20 years), so I'm
turning to NVDA.

My first two questions:

Does NVDA use a keyboard navigation system similar to JAWS? If not, is there
a way I can configure it to work this way?

Also can I configure NVDA to use the Eloquence module currently installed on
my PC (Thanks to JAWS?) If not, is there a NVDA software synth available
that's just as good to use?

Thanks for any help.

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