Re: ocr function in nvda.

Karim Lakhani <karim.lakhani@...>

One has to pay for this app.?
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Subject: Re: [nvda] ocr function in nvda.

You can get KNFB Reader from here:
It does a very good job in reading those kinds of image files.
I also have not been able to get NVDA OCR to read image files.
KNFB Reader does the job.

On 12/7/17, Jason Milyo <> wrote:
Yeah I have the same issue, it says when the PDF is in an image empty
document this document is in another format which the screen reader cant
read, and when you try to OCR it it only reads part of the document,
when the document isn't in an image format it reads the PDF fine.

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From: Karim Lakhani
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Subject: [nvda] ocr function in nvda.

Sorry I forgot to change the subject line in my last message asking for
with a PDF doc.
Hi all,
Does NVDA have a built in OCR feature?
I've got a PDF file which I can't read because it was sent in a PDF
Any suggestions on other ideas?
I've heard jaws has this feature does any one know how well it works?

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