Re: Fillable PDF Forms & NVDA

Andre Fisher

What happens when u press either NVDA+Numpad 5 or NVDA+Tab?

On 4/25/16, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
I could be completely confused, misremembering something, or, well,
something else, but I could swear that I remember there being an NVDA
command that one could use to get the name of the field you've landed in
when working with a fillable PDF.

I was just trying out the IRS Form 1040 from the 2015 tax year, and could
swear that at one point I saw somebody hitting a specific keyboard shortcut
to get NVDA to announce the form field you'd landed in, e.g., last name,
first name, etc.  In fact, I seem to recall seeing NVDA (or maybe it was
JAWS) announcing the name of the form field you were landing in as you
tabbed through a fillable PDF form as you tabbed through it.

Tonight I'm only getting "blank" when I land in a fillable field and I can
tell I'm in focus mode when I land in it and am able to shift to browse mode
via NVDA+Spacebar, but can't get any further in getting the field name
announced then.

Is there a way to get the name of the field that you're supposed to be
filling in announced so that you know what you should be typing?  [I realize
this can't work if the form wasn't designed with accessibility in mind, but
I thought the federal tax forms that you download from the IRS website had
been so for some years now.]

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