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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Brian,

Have you tried filling out the form with Jaws?


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NVDA+NumPad 5 gets me what sounds like document information. If I jump out and them back into the First Name field and hit NVDA+NumPad 5 it says, "Edit focus, blank" and if I switch to browse mode and then hit the same it still says the same thing.

NVDA+TAB in the same field behaves pretty much the same way. The first time I hit this key sequence I get file information and then if I jump out and back in I get "Edit focus, blank."

It never announces "Your first name and initial." The same applies as I jump to other text edit boxes. When I hit the first checkbox for "You" and whether you want to have $3 of your taxes go toward the Presidential Election Campaign Fund all it says is, "Unchecked checkbox not checked.

Now it's off to sleep. I'll check back here tomorrow morning.

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