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Stick it on a dropbox link and somebody can have a look.
I've found very few forms sent out that are trully designed accessibly. I prefer the html web forms or just a text file so you can just write free form, so to stpeak. Of course if its one of thos if you answered yes to 25 go to83 ones it does my head in anyway!

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Hello folks. I want to know is it just me or my roommate? We are trying
to fill out a form using Adobe, latest version. I will attach the form.

I need to know if it is just me, or is it that the form is not
accessibly done? Are there ways around this. Any help would be appreciated.

Let me give you some idea of what I am speaking of. When you tab between
fields, you do not hear what is supposed to be in the field you tabbed
to. When you read the document, you see labels for things, and they are
seemingly disconnected from anything.

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