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Just as there are people who love to tweak cars, there will always be people who love to tweak computers. You can't do that with a proprietary system like an apple cell phone. I do not see desktop computers going away.

Someone may invent a more portable braille system to use with small devices, like cell phones. Or, the advancements in integrating technology into the brain may dramatically improve. But, as a sighted person, I can tell you that size is an aspect of fashion. Glasses were large in the 80's but thin and narrow in 2000's. They are getting larger again. Cars have seen "fashionable" sizes.

Desktop computers are still around only because they can crunch numbers much better than smaller systems and they support much larger screens. 15-30 year olds love video games and generally have the most disposable income. The better the graphics, the happier they are. Quite a few games are being developed with high graphics for desktop systems and then seeing enough popularity that they get exported to gaming systems like Xbox and Playstation. Unfortunately, this seems to (in my experience) cause the text to be much too small. I have to move my chair closer to the TV to play those games.

My daughter is looking to go to college to study art and animation. If I had the money, I would buy her one of those really big touch-screen systems, the ones that are more like an architect's desk than a computer. There was one on display in the mall and she was great with it. As her mom, I want to empower her to have her best future. But, reality is that I have to make a car payment. My point is, there are many reasons that big computers won't go away for sighted people. Which means your options won't go away either. Not when the U.S. Access board requires more and more accessibility be built in. Add in that other countries are doing the same, and I think your future options look reasonably good.

Tonea Morrow

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Hi Group,

I'm wondering if screen readers as we know them will even be around at all in 5 years.  Everyone in the sighted world seems to be going more and more toward very small tablets or even just smart phones.  I know a fellow who says I'm hopelessly behind and that he hasn't owned a desktop or old style laptop for over 2 years.  If this trend continues, what will become of desktops and how will screen reader companies adapt.  As of now neither NVDA or VFO are producing screen readers that work with smart phones.

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