Re: Anyone with a Text File of All NVDA Desktop Commands?

Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

I did locate that document. Guess I'm lazy and prefer hearing a list of nothing but the Desktop hotkeys, without having to hear about laptop and touch mixed in.

At 03:40 PM 12/7/2017, you wrote:
Hi Kenny:

If you go to the NVDA Menu, select Help and press the Enter key, then
the second item is called "commands quick reference. It is a series
of tables, one below the other, containing name of the command, its
desktop hotkey, its laptop hotkey and its touch gesture.

Kevin Huber
On 12/7/17, Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...> wrote:
It's me again.

Well I'm up-and-running with NVDA.

It's so hard to get use to the different lingo for the reading cursors

Still can't figure out what's NVDA's equivalent to JAWS' Virtual
cursor. Thinking it's the Review cursor? Can't figure out a way of
activating it though. With JAWS I only need tap the [Plus] key on the
numpad to activate the Virtual cursor while in a web page.

Yes, that's the reading cursor I use the most (Always reading stuff
on-line via Google Chrome.

Guess if I had a text file listing only the Desktop keys for all the
various reading/navigation functions of NVDA, I could pick this stuff
up a whole lot quicker.

Thanks for any help.

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