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It sounds like you see it the same way we do…any way you want. Okay, so unless someone gives me different guidance, I just need to make sure the columns have a row of headers? I’ll admit it…I have more than 25 years in print work where this never came up. With print dying out, I’m glad to have gotten this job, but I’ve never had to wonder how to make things accessible in print other than size and layout. I know there are PDF guidelines and I need to learn more about them, but I can only chew one bite at a time.


Tonea Morrow


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The way tables are handl3ed depends on the screen reader and how it takes advantage of underlying document structure (a bit technical, I know). At the moment when a person uses up or down arrow to move through tables, NVDA will move across columns and down to the next row. There are commands that’ll let folks move between columns horizontally and vertically.




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