Re: ocr function in nvda.

Karim Lakhani <karim.lakhani@...>

I think I missed out on that deal.
I'll try to install it again on my PC, hope it works.
I remember for the IOS systems the app. was on sale for $30.00
Should have jumped on it at that time.
Thanks for the info!
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I downloaded the KNFB Reader on my machine months ago free and still using

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This as I learned back in the 1990s is the old Free download scam.
its a bit like a lifetime guarantee, but a lifetime of what exactly?
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It is not a free app in the sense that you get to keep using it for

You will get a certain number of trial scans, and then you have to buy

if you want to keep using it.


On 12/7/2017 5:29 PM, Antony Stone wrote:
Follow the link - it says "free".

That seems clear to me.


On Friday 08 December 2017 at 02:08:42, Karim Lakhani wrote:

One has to pay for this app.?

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You can get KNFB Reader from here:
It does a very good job in reading those kinds of image files.
I also have not been able to get NVDA OCR to read image files.
KNFB Reader does the job.

On 12/7/17, Jason Milyo <> wrote:
Yeah I have the same issue, it says when the PDF is in an image
document this document is in another format which the screen reader
read, and when you try to OCR it it only reads part of the document,
however when the document isn't in an image format it reads the PDF

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