Re: screen review commands not working for me

Brice Mijares

When I hit numpad 8 to read current line, it reads a completely different line. Same with previous line, word or character ETC. The tutorial was called getting started with NVDA.

On 12/8/2017 10:50 AM, Gene wrote:
What do you mean when you say they don't work?  Assuming the commands are doing something, what are they doing?
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I've been trying to follow the following directions, but these
directions are not working for me. I made sure I was in desktop layout.
It was a brief tutorial by Joseph Lee and I had copied it to wordpad and
was trying to use the numpad keys to read it.
Screen review commands
Note the pattern as I give these commands:
Read previous line, numpad 7.
Read current line, numpad 8.
Read next line, numpad nine.
You move in screen review to the previous or next line when you issue
those commands. You can keep moving and reading until you get to the top
or bottom of the screen.
Read previous word, numpad 4.
Read current word, numpad 5.
Read next word, numpad 6.
Read previous character, numpad 1.
Read current character, numpad 2.
Read next character, numpad 3.
Note the pattern:
Thanks for any suggestions.

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