Re: Problems with Excel Chart

Andre Fisher

This is a known issue, and a fix is on its way. In NVDA 2016.2, the
chart sheets will become accessible. If you don't want to wait a month
for the fix, you can download a Master snapshot of NVDA.

On 4/26/16, Shantanu Choudhury <choudhuryshantanu00@...> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Greetings !
I have just joined this group and this is my first mail.

I am facing difficulties while working with Excel chart and it would
be great help if I get guidance on this.
I am using NVDA 16.1 and MS Office 2007, on Windows 7.
1. I have created chart by pressing F11 key and it creates a chart for
the selected data on a new worksheet. By pressing arrow keys I am able
to access the axis, legend, chart area, plot area of the chart.
2. Now I want to check the data points of the chart (like in a bar
chart, what is the specific value of bar). When I press Insert + F7 to
access the elements list, it does not open the element list and
instead spell check for the chart got completed. Then I switched to
the Data sheet and pressed insert + F7 there. It opened elements list
but when I select charts on the elements list, it is showing nothing.
How to access chart from elements list ?
3. I closed and re opend the excel and switched to the sheet where the
chart got created. Now NVDA is not reading anything about the chart,
pressing arrow keys or any other keys is not working. How can I access
this sheet now? Other data sheets are read by NVDA, only chart sheets
are not accessible.

Any comments / suggestions would be appreciated.

Shantanu Choudhury.

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