Re: a link that won't activate

Sally Kiebdaj

I would add one other keystroke that I don't think has been tried:


These links do happen from time to time and others here can give some possible reasons why.

Good luck!


On 12/9/2017 2:20 AM, David Griffith wrote:


If a link is not working with enter I try the following

  1. Press space instead of enter.
  2. Most reliably Press Insert F7 to bring up Elements List  and activate the link from there. This works most times.
  3. If this does  not work I press F6 until I am in the address bar and copy the page address and then load it in Internet explorer.
  4. IE is not a great browser to use nowadays but I have several times found that links that do not work under Firefox or Waterfox will suddenly activate when I load  the same page in IE.  The GiftGab Mobile Phone top up page in the UK is a case in point where several check out buttons do not respond with firefox or Chrome but will in IE for some reason.
  5. So far those methods have worked for me with difficult links, but if they did not I would further try the link using Narator in Edge.

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From: Mary Otten
Sent: 09 December 2017 00:50
Subject: [nvda] a link that won't activate


I would send you to this website, but it is a wine ordering site, and

the link in question is my shopping cart, so I guess there isn't much

point. After I fill my care, I can search using the nvda shift f combo

and find the word cart. It shows how many items are in the cart and is

even identified as a link, although I can't tab to this link at all. If

I press enter, I go nowhere. I can find and identify the cart link as a

link with object nav, and I have mouse tracking on. If I try a single or

double left simulated mouse click using the number pad, which nvda

identifies when I press it as a left click, nothing happens. This is all

happening in Firefox esr. Has anybody seen a link like this, and what

can I do about it?








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