Re: updating to the latest snap, but still waiting for the update to finish

Sarah k Alawami

When I did that there was nothing there. All that was there was my desktop and narrator. Nothing in my notifications center either. It was odd.

It worked after a reboot so dunno what happened there, oh well.

Take care

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Often if you enable narrator, then do a few alt tabs, you will find an error message behind the stalled update screen.
Make a note, mentally what this says, probably something like cannot write to or delete or rename a file at a guess..
Try to close it either with its button or esc and if you have been successful, attempt to run your back up portable version of nvda. If that works after a short pause then you can try to start the installed copy. It will probably fail with an error, but you can of course revert back to the back up one!
Now manually download the update from the web site and install it over the one that was installed. This normally then works I find. For the record when these things fail seems to be when for a reason as yet not known, Windows sits and takes an age to do something and things kind of time out and you get an error but that blocks up the rest of the work pending in the install. As the person says, if you can its probably then a good idea to reboot windows as this should clear any debris left behind marked for deletion.
Something changed in both windows 7 and 10 about a month or so back that made this occasional issue more common. and no I have no idea what it is either unless its anti virus checking the changing files in the background.
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Hi. Restart your PC then try and to restart the update. I had this problem when NVDA 2017 RC3 came out.

On 12/7/2017 12:55 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I think I have a very broken nvda update. I followed the directions. The update downloaded, however I still hear the beeps saying it's updating etc et etc. I tried to close out but no joy. Narrator is not telling me much either. Running nvda latest snap on windows 10 pro..

Take care all.

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