Re: NVDACon: Project Thunderstorm


Hi all,
I'd be willing to do this once more tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific (17:00 UTC)
and no more as I need to prepare for second half of the conference.

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Here, in Belgium, we have the same problem! 7pm pacific is 2am brussels
Will anyone record the conversation please and post it for all people who
are in bed or are unable to come live, please!

Regards, Jordy

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Hi, are we planning to invade irak sending a troop of blind people to fight
IRIS at night?
It's at 3am here, so i guess i'll be sleeping and never know... :-(

-- Patrick.

Le 26/04/2016 à 19:44, Joseph Lee a écrit :
Hi all,
Project Thunderstorm is still going. For those who couldn't make it
to the earlier session, please come to NVDACon TeamTalk server at 7 PM
Pacific on the 26th (02:00 UTC on the 27th). If possible, please
bring a microphone in order to participate in this project (sending a
message; I'll talk about what this project is all about then).

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