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I think you need to look at the errors its giving on the updates. If you look at the details for the updates you normally have some way to see the ones that failed and see the reason. it usually has an identity number and you can look that up on the Microsoft site to find out what to do.

Its normally an update that has been installed out of sequence or at least that was the last time I saw this happen. I took the machine back to just before that update, stopped that update then allowed it to do the others and then did the one left over. No I've no idea why this happens either.
Might be something totally different in your case of course, but you really need a windows forum to find out more if Microsoft are no help.
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Hi list

I wonder if anyone could help me.

I got the usual monthly Microsoft updates, so when I did the normal
procedure by accepted the update and restart, or update and shutdown, it
isn't doing the updates.

Because most probably it got stucked.

Is there a way how to release that and do the updates normally?

I have windows 10 creator.

Thanks in advance


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