Re: nvda unresponsiveness

Marisane Moruthanyana

Hi Roi

The ram is 4 gb

The synth is MS speech mobile and sometimes codefactory eloquent.

Unresponsive means that it would not respond to commands as quiclly as
one would expect the screen reader to do. especially when multiple
applications are running.

I do not know of the had drive type. How do I get that information?

Please help.


On 12/10/17, Rui Fontes <> wrote:
1 - Besides the processor, other important components are RAM memory and
type of disk, HDD or SSD.

Other questions:

Wich synth are you using?

What you mean by "unresponsiveness"?


Às 09:11 de 10/12/2017, Marisane Moruthanyana escreveu:
Morning nvda users

I am Marisane from SA.

I have, for sometime now, been looking for your assistance regarding
nvda unresponsiveness but to no avail.

I have recently upgraded to nvda 2017.4, but the unresponsiveness
still persists.

May I know whether this may be due to my laptop's using intel seleron
processor at a speed of less than 2ghz?

Does the processor type and its speed have any impact on nvda's
functionality / dysfunctionality?

What processor and speed should one take into account when buying a
laptop so that nvda may respond positively?

I am frustrated, because this happens only with nvda and not with jaws.

I use jaws demo as I have no licence for it to do some work on my PC,
but it responds very well that I do not have the same problems as
those with nvda.

If the processor type and its speed are the cause of nvda'
unresponsiveness, why only it and not other screen reader like jaws?

Your urgent assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.

Please, please, please help, I am getting frustrated everyday.

I solely rely on nvda as my jaws is only 40 minutes.

Hope you understand.



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