Re: audio themes addon and sound cards.

Giles Turnbull

This sounds slightly similar to a problem I was having at the start of 2017. My Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet would work fine, outputing speech through headphones using my default NVDA configuration (SAPI5 using Zira voice), and then I'd unplug the headphones and switch to an external speaker and it worked fine until I changed the NVDA voice from Zira to Hazel. Instead of outputing through the external speaker it'd go back to outputing through the internal tablet speaker.

I battled with this for ages, asking on a Surface Pro 4 forum, but with no result. Then I discovered there is an NVDA setting in preferences / synthesizer where it has output device. It wasn't the act of changing headphone to external speaker that was cutting the headphone / external speaker connection, it was the act of switching the NVDA voice. For clarification I use the normal configuration profile for my default fast speech rate with Zira, and a dedicated configuration profile for when I want to use the Hazel voice at a slower speed and a few other relevant NVDAsettings. When I looked at the synthesizer output device setting in that configuration profile, it was set to the Realtek HD internal speaker, so I changed it to 'headphones' and I've had no problem with it since.

This was vital to me to sort out because I participate in writing groups where I want the fast speed Zira setting when I'm writing, but want to slow it down and switch to Hazel and external speakers when I want the rest of the class to hear what I've written.

Sorry for the lengthy answer ... in a nutshell, look in Prefences / Synthesizer for the output device. Hope that works for you :)


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