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I've never had much luck with pdfs generally, though way back last year one form from the BBC announced it was tagged and it worked as you would expect. I no longer have this form so cannot really say what they did to make it work.
Seems to me nowadays that so many forms are built with third party software and nobody bothers to tag reading order for anything that my usual response when i get a pdf is to ask for a word version instead.

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Well, additional developments that some may find interesting. I downloaded the tax year 2015 (as in should have been filed on April 18th 2016) version of the 1040EZ and I still get the same result in Adobe Reader DC.

So, I decided to try a form that I'd customized in Microsoft Word for a client about a year and a half ago where every blessed field (or at least the ones I set up in the demo form - I didn't complete the myriad checkboxes that the paper version contains) has alternate text and help text. If I open this in Word and have NVDA running it does precisely what I think it should do: Announces the alternate text when I land in the form field and, if I hit F1, displays the help text box and reads its contents.

I have to believe that either the IRS forms are not set up correctly to be accessible or else there's something that doesn't "play well together" between Adobe Reader DC and NVDA.

If I hit NVDA+TAB in anything I've tried so far I do not get the field name announced.

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