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If the designers do not understand blind access you often end up ith an api that does not have all the 'signal's lets call them that the access software might need making the designer still need to hack or screen scrape to get at the other vital parts.
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It all depends, not everyone will be like apple is with access or google to a point.

They may just put in something that makes it accessible but not really.

Here is the thing, microsoft is promoting access even for games in a real big way and they are one of the big kids

I don't fully scoff this though, soni has put in access for its stuff, and a lot of hardware manufacturers are trying to make things app based for phones.

But not everyone is playing nice, at least not fully nice.

As I said before the companies that made it first will still not want to share, they will find ways to hold things back.

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The whole discussion on cell phones lacking accessibility is why I put up the information on the 508 Refresh. Simply put, it requires hardware developers who provide an OS that accompanies the hardware to also provide a certain level of accessibility. I may be looking at it with rose-colored glasses, but it must either support attachable access or provide access, that includes speech functions.

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