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Is this in any particular browser?
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Out of Focus on Some Clickables

NVDA 2017.xx, windows 10, Firefox Version XXX
Sometimes, if an item is clickable, or one of those in page links, and you press space or enter on that item, NVDA will jump to the system tray, or pull up something that says
"Neww notification window"
If you press window title hotkey, it says
It's like it's doing a mouse click instead of activating the item, or jumping completely off screen somewhere.
This behavior is random and not easy to catch, but I notice that it occurs, for example, sometimes, if you follow those links on Amazon where it says
"People who bought this item also bought"
There are back and next links. Those little listings are on the same page as the main item you are looking at, and it just scrolls a list of related items or something; I haven't taken a look at the code to see what is really happening, there. Another example is if an item is clickable and not an actual link. For example, my bank's website has a
clickable item, and not an actual link. If i pres enter or space on that, it will sometimes jump me to that
item, or the system tray.
Has anyone else observed this?

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