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Funny you should bring this up. I found that some web pages even in espeak are switching languages for some texts and links when its not appropriate at all. Really irritating and cannot decide if its actually the browser or nvda or the web site.
It will go away in miy case if I turn all refs to automatic language switching off in the dialogues. If you have any personal configs set up as a profile do not forget to check those too.
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Subject: [nvda] Strange isue when browsing webpages

Hello guys,

I seem to be facing a strange issue when browsing web pages,

I am using the latest version of nvda and vocalizer tts voices,
When i am browsing a page,
The body of the page is read in a female voice and only the links are read in the male vocalizer voice, it's kind of annoying.

Anybody know how to fix this,

I would like pages to be read in only one vocalizer voice,

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