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Hi Brian,
No need to bet. Its not a challenge, its for test at 1st, and work with after.
only testing would tell if it won't, and as I've said so far no one
said it didn't work.
It should work with any sound card happen to be working with the PC
before rebooting to safe boot. the idea of the patch is to load all
sound card drivers that already installed on that system, that's what
makes it working fine with all of what I have
or have access to of PC's and laptops.
and sure enough, there are no fix or reg hack works for everything,
but so far this is the best safe boot audio enabled reg patch of all
BTW if it didn't work, you can control that audio silent PC via NVDA
remote auto connect, reboot it into safe mode and reboot it back to
normal after job done.

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Who can say that for a fact. Many do emulate the one that its designed for
but I bet not all will and I think some usb phones need a different driver.
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Does this work with all sound cards? Thanks.

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