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Ângelo Abrantes


To use directly on the computer, I like more chm, if it is well done and respect the standards of accessibility.

When I look for help on the internet, it seems preferable to html, because it allows a great navigation versatility.
Ângelo Abrantes

Às 14:44 de 11-12-2017, tonea.ctr.morrow@... escreveu:

My team hasn’t told me which help format we will be using for the online help. So, I thought I’d ask a little survey:


Which online help system do you prefer to use and a brief why, a.k.a. does one grant you more opportunities than another or is one more difficult with which to make a screen reader work?:

A)      Win Help (chm): old-style windows help system with a content tree on the left, a large pane containing information filling the right and center areas, and a header across the top with forward, backward type buttons.

B)      HTML Help: the design is similar to Win Help, but the whole thing runs in a web browser—whichever one is your default browswer.

C)      PDF – Portable Document Format with proper tags.


Sem vírus.

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