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What error are you getting? I have noticed recently than around the world many internet service providers are now blocking sites using automatic software that might look for key words just to be a bit of a nanny state so to speak or on the other hand, some are actually looking at pages and seeing part https and part http and not liking that so stopping access. I've found this on Virgin here, but its usually a glitch and fixed after some days.
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Subject: [nvda] Error when selecting Download voices from NVDA Vocalizer menu

Am I the only one, that when activating the download Extra voices from THE NVDA Vocalizer menu that one gets when installing and activating the NVDA Vocalizer voice package, I get an error page? Hopefully this can be fixed in an update, because it'd save time in wanting to browse to see what other voices there are, especially trying the Premium ones.

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