Re: iPhone's Siri Male US English voice for use with NVDA?

Day Garwood

Daniel's a UK voice, I'm pretty sure Gerardo specified a US voice. The only US voice that I can think of off the top of my head that wouldn't be in the Vocaliser list is Alex, because he's a voice made by Apple. A lot of people seem to like him because he not only talks but he breathes as well...Very novel for a TTS voice I must say!
But yeah. If it's the breathing one you're after, that's Alex and you'll be very lucky if Technotiflia will distribute that. Even assuming they have even a slim chance of obtaining a developer licence, it would then need to be ported for Windows and...Ugh. I certainly wouldn't relish the thought of doing all that!

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What is it called, are you referring toDaniel?
I thought almost every synth had this as an option .
I have it but I find him ( John Briggs to give him his real name) Just a
little too sincere!

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Subject: [nvda] iPhone's Siri Male US English voice for use with NVDA?

I'm looking for the Siri Male iPhone voice (or its equivalent) on Tiflotecnia's Vocalizer Voices page, to use especially for reading, with NVDA, but it's not there. Might it be that's not been added yet? It'd be a dream come true if I could have it. Thanks for info.

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