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John J. Boyer

I prefer B, html. See the NVDA user guide as an example. Of course you can include images, as long as using them is not


On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 02:44:32PM +0000, tonea.ctr.morrow@... wrote:
My team hasn't told me which help format we will be using for the online help. So, I thought I'd ask a little survey:

Which online help system do you prefer to use and a brief why, a.k.a. does one grant you more opportunities than another or is one more difficult with which to make a screen reader work?:

A) Win Help (chm): old-style windows help system with a content tree on the left, a large pane containing information filling the right and center areas, and a header across the top with forward, backward type buttons.

B) HTML Help: the design is similar to Win Help, but the whole thing runs in a web browser-whichever one is your default browswer.

C) PDF - Portable Document Format with proper tags.
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