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I have heard that Google intend to update the youtube interface early next year, so be aware. You know wht they aare like if it workds don't fix it is not their byline at all!
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You don't have to work with these sliders and it's easier and more efficient not to. From the top of the page, type the letter b until you get to something like the pause button. That will mean that you are in the player interface. Turn off browse mode with NVDA key space.
use up and down arrow to raise and lower the volume
. To jump forward or back in a playing track, use right or left arrow.
Use main keyboard numbers 1 through nine to jump from one percent of the file to various percents.
1 is ten percent. 2 is twenty percent, etc. 0 starts play over from the start of the file and if the file has finished, pressing 0 will start play at the beginning again. I haven't tested to see if other numbers resume play, once over, from those percents.

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Hi Rose Marie,

On the you tube web page, there's a couple of sliders for the player.
the first one is for moving backward and forward through the file you
are watching, and the second one is the one for increasing and
decreasing the volume. When you land on these sliders, NVDA will go into
browse mode initially but you can tab through the controls until you
find the volume slider and adjust it to your liking. Hope this helps.


On 12/8/2017 5:25 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, everyone,

I'm trying to watch a movie on youtube but the volume is quite low. How do I
turn it up without having to turn up my speakers?

Thanks for your helpp in advance.


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