Re: Urgently need help (NVDA & Vocalizer addon.

Rui Fontes

Go to NVDA menu, Tools, Addons manager and remove the addon...


Às 00:48 de 12/12/2017, Karim Lakhani escreveu:

I also have run in to this problem.
How can we just get rid of the driver for vocalize?
I installed the driver thinking I could  have  used one of the voices as a trial.

Then I figured out we can not just try it, and get the error message the vocalize driver can't be loaded, you have to have one of the voices installed.
think I made an error.
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Sent: Monday, December 11, 2017 8:01 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Urgently need help (NVDA & Vocalizer addon.

I still unable to use vocalizer driver. Everytime I run NVDA, the vocalizer driver will launch immediately about 10 windows, There is no way to fix. I can't restart my computer, can't press the start menu, etc. One thing I can do is to hold down the power button and press it again to turn on.

Things I already did:

- Uninstalled NVDA and delete its folder in %appdata%,
- reinstalled it,
- After restarting, I installed Vocalizer driver and voices,
- Then restart NVDA again, and everything was the same,
- Then I remember that I have  portable NVDA with the same vocalizer in my D:,
- I tried to go to D:\Portable NVDA\userConfig\addons, and manually delete the vocalizer expressive driver,
- After that, go to %appdata%, and delete vocalizer driver addon,
- reinstalled it, and everything was the same.

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