Re: win10 essentials add-on update?

Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

Actually, if you go into your NVDA menu with NVDA+N, then up arrow, you should eventually see Win 10 Essentials. If you go in there, there should be a button to check for updates.
Christopher Gilland
Co-founder of Genuine Safe Haven Ministries

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From: Mary Otten
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 10:07 AM
Subject: [nvda] win10 essentials add-on update?

Yesterday, I had a notification that there was an update for this
add-on, but I got an error message when I attempted to install the
update. I don't remember what that said. I figured I'd find some sort of
update button if I went into add-ons manager and selected that add-on
from my list of installed add-ons, but I don't see one. Is there a
recently released update, and should I see that in my add-ons manager?


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