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It depends on how the individual user has punctuation set in the screen-reader.  Just use parenthesis as you would generally.  It's up to the user to set the screen-reader as desired and to understand what will and won't be heard.  Usually, items in parenthesis are understandable as peripheral comments from context.  Sighted readers reading audio books don't give pronunciation and other such marks, the context is clear without them.  If the blind person is in a situation where the person is uncertain, it's the person's responsibility to check what is being read for punctuation if the person has punctuation turned off in the screen-reader. 
Accessibility means making things accessible.  It doesn't mean compensating for the user's responsibilities.

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How does the software treat parenthesis (such as this) when it does speech? How does it convey to the listener that the comment (possibly unimportant) is an aside comment? I need to know so I can understand how my audience will hear it, both literally and figuratively.






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