Re: win10 essentials add-on update?


And much more. Basically, anyone using Windows 10 should install this add-on. In addition to providing some enhancements for Windows 10 users, with help from this add-on, NVDA supports one or two new features included in latest Windows 10 development builds.

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That add-on covers a lot of different things. Best advice is to go to the nvda community add-ons page and read all about the various things this one does.


On 12/12/2017 9:06 AM, Angela Delicata wrote:

I would like to try this add-on: please, remind me what it is for smile.

Thank you.

Angela from Italy

Il 12/12/2017 16:07, Mary Otten ha scritto:
Yesterday, I had a notification that there was an update for this
add-on, but I got an error message when I attempted to install the
update. I don't remember what that said. I figured I'd find some sort
of update button if I went into add-ons manager and selected that
add-on from my list of installed add-ons, but I don't see one. Is
there a recently released update, and should I see that in my add-ons


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