Re: Caption location

Antony Stone

It could be helpful if you let us know which guidelines you are working with
(the ones which "say that blind-friendly places information...").

Incidentally, I very strongly agree with Joseph Lee's recommendation that you
ask your employer to install (or let you install) NVDA on your machine. If
you are trying to create accessible materials in your job, you need an
accessibility tool to let you know whether you're getting it right.

After all, would they ask you to create HTML pages without providing you with
a browser to view them in?


On Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 18:43:55, tonea.ctr.morrow@... wrote:

I know that each of you are being very patient with my questions. I
appreciate that.

Guidelines say that blind-friendly places information about a graphic prior
to the graphic. But, the software I use put the caption for the graphic in
an HTML caption tag, which places it under or after the graphic. Are they
equivalent or is one better than the other?

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