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for me who set my punctuation set to none, it pauses on either side of
the parenthesis. A comma does the same thing, so I would have to guess
which is a paren and which a comma.
i dont want to hear punctuations and set it to none.
meanwhile, for capital letters, the first character of every word only
can be capitalized.
if not, espeak in nvda, reads many words letter by letter or
ununderstandable and bad manner that its explanation is not easy for
me to say in english.

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Or, the employer should at least let you use Narrator (provided this is a
Windows 10 computer).



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I realize you cannot load anything not required for your job on your
at work, however, as accessibility is part of your job, it could be argued
that NVDA or the trial version of Jaws as well as a magnifier program would
in fact be a necessity. That being said, you could always load it onto your
personal computer and have a look round at settings.


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No, actually, I can't. I work on a contract with the United States
Government, so I only have on the computer what I am given, and that does
not include any screen-reading software. I am sighted. I write help manuals
and help files for software that other people write. I have sentences like

The second zoom method is to hold the control key while pressing + (plus)
zoom in or while pressing - (minus) to zoom out.

To a sighted person, the word "plus" in parenthesis clarifies that the
symbol it follows is a plus symbol, just as the word "minus" in parenthesis
clarifies that the symbol it follows in a minus symbol and not a hyphen or
an em-dash or some other symbol. I literally need to know how your screen
reader treats words or phrases that are in parenthesis so I can write to
take your perception into account. The example above, combined with the
previous example I gave will help a lot.

Tonea (by the way, it is pronounced Toe knee uh, with the accent on the

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Um, can't you just type a paragraph such as the one you wrote, into a text
editor, and then get NVDA to read it back to you, so you can tell for

Bear in mind though that this might be one of those things that varies
according to the speech synthesiser in use, so different users might get
different effects - but at least whatever the effect is will be the same
each person as they always get for that type of input, so they should be
used to it.




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