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General settings you can turn update alerts off,but why bother.
Are the problems that of an issue in the speech player. I seem to recall they were introduced to attempt to fix issues in Edward, but I've thus far not noticed much of a problem here.

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Subject: [nvda] Speech Player In Espeak has it's own issues

So for the last few days, I've been using Speech Player in Espeak instead of Espeak-NG. The problem is there are a few glitches in this as well and I'm seriously considering just using my portable copy of 2017.3, except that I know that version gives me update alerts.

The pronunciation glitches include some weirdness whenever the "ho" syllable is followed by a vowel. It doesn't do it with "home" or "host" but with words like "hoist" it becomes clear. And annoying. This is an issue I don't remember ever having in espeak before, so I don't know where it came from.

Is there a way to stop NVDA from flagging reminders to update? If there is, I might just go back to 2017.3 until these synth issues are fixed...

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