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I disagree see my other post. A lot depends on the synth though.
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All caps are not read any differently than any other text.

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With my punctuation set to some, it pauses on either side of the parenthesis. A comma does the same thing, so I would have to guess which is a paren and which a comma. Not that big a deal for me. If I really want to know, I'll investigate on my own. I don't know about other punctuation levels as about all I use is some, so others would be able to answer that better.
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Subject: [nvda] Parenthesis

How does the software treat parenthesis (such as this) when it does speech? How does it convey to the listener that the comment (possibly unimportant) is an aside comment? I need to know so I can understand how my audience will hear it, both literally and figuratively.



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