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Casey <cwollner@...>

hi have you order A machine from them before?

If so how and you tell them what all you want in the machine and how do you select your drives and programs and all of that?

On 12/13/2017 12:17 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
If you want a pc with no bloat ware go to this link. They are wonderful and they even sell gear. Oh and all of the pcs are built in my birth  place in the USA.

On Dec 12, 2017, at 10:39 PM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:

Yeah, ms office, a few wild tangent games and mcafee, why they insist on that is really beyond me.

When I get my gaming laptop, I am seriously going to outright ask for a driver disk, and a stright out win10 disk and see what they do, or an image without the demos and crap on it, I'll even pay a little extra for it not being included.

Heck, I don't need their recovery image, win10 talks now so as long as I can get their site working and all the serials and things I can make it all work enough!

Then again, a lot of the software that toshiba and hp have are usually usefull.

Sadly their support app is inacurate its good to copy product info off but thats it sadly.

I do think though that there needs to be some program or batch written to fix these dll issues though.

On 11/12/2017 11:17 p.m., Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes indeed HP laptops if purchased from one of the big stores nearly always come with clutter. They have lots of junk, erm useful demos of expensive software on them and the first job really is to look at what is on there and remove all the unwanted stuff. However do be careful with demos of Microsoft Offiice as  uninstalling these has a history of screwing up the registry for screenreader users.

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At this point, we don't know enough to form proper opinions or conclusions. One thing that should be checked is whether something is using more processor power than it should.  I don't recall what version of Windows you are running but once you tell us, people can tell you how to see how much processor power is being used by everything on your system in total.  If the number is excessively high, we can start looking at the amount of power individual programs use.  This problem may be the result of something using a lot of computer resources and whatever it is may be able to be removed or stopped if it isn't needed.

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From: Marisane Moruthanyana
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Hi Kevin

I often use internet explorer as my browser.

Yes, I sometimes use firefox, but the problem is the same.

Although I am not 100% sure, I would like to conclude that the problem
is caused by the type of processor and the speed on my machine.

Why, because on my other laptop which use intel (R(core(tm)I4 with 4GB
memory, nvda respons very well without this problem.

My new HP laptop which gives me this problem use intel (r) seleron
processor at the speed of 1.6 GHZ.

Hope you understand.


On 12/10/17, Kevin Cussick via Groups.Io
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I only see this using firefox sometimes when arrowing down a page it
stops talking and you just have to wait I have the latest Sr of ff sorry
not sure what the latest Sr is but I got an update yesterday for the Esr
sorry I have said Sr it should have been Esr sorry.

On 10/12/2017 12:17, Gerardo Corripio wrote:
Might you have too many AddOns installed? Try running NVDA without the
AddOns: For this, NVDA+qq, and a dialogue should come up asking you what
you want to do; among these options is Start NVDA without AddOns. See if
this helps, to see if maybe it's an AddOn taht's causing this slowness?

El 10/12/2017 a las 03:11 a.m., Marisane Moruthanyana escribió:
Morning nvda users

I am Marisane from SA.

I have, for sometime now, been looking for your assistance regarding
nvda unresponsiveness but to no avail.

I have recently upgraded to nvda 2017.4, but the unresponsiveness
still persists.

May I know whether this may be due to my laptop's using intel seleron
processor at a speed of less than 2ghz?

Does the processor type and its speed have any impact on nvda's
functionality / dysfunctionality?

What processor and speed should one take into account when buying a
laptop so that nvda may respond positively?

I am frustrated, because this happens only with nvda and not with jaws.

I use jaws demo as I have no licence for it to do some work on my PC,
but it responds very well that I do not have the same problems as
those with nvda.

If the processor type and its speed are the cause of nvda'
unresponsiveness, why only it and not other screen reader like jaws?

Your urgent assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.

Please, please, please help, I am getting frustrated everyday.

I solely rely on nvda as my jaws is only 40 minutes.

Hope you understand.





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